18 February 2016

Lets Get Back To Normal !

Hi all I am coming back as a regular basis the same days as I was so monday, thursday and saturday who is excited !

So the picture above is a recent instagram post but I thought it would work for this chatty post. So as I was saying  I am coming on regular again on the days I just said but with a difference I would like there to be at least one guest post on here each month. I would like to say each week but I don't think that is very achievable right now .

Why am I doing this because I want to give the people the chance to get out there!! No this blog isn't huge but it gets decent amount of views each month and it mixes it up for you the reader .You don't just get my random babblings all the time . So there will be a guest post on here on saturday after that all returns to normal . you may have also notice I have changed up my design again it just didn't feel like my blog before !

Also guys thank you for bearing with me and I am really happy at the moment although last year was though it has shown me how strong I really I am . While I am here its just 2 weeks till my sisters due I am so excited !!!

See you monday !

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