17 March 2016

3 Tips To Becoming A Morning Person

Hey all so today I wanted to talk about something that can be a touchy subject for some and that is mornings !

So as well all know well some of us are morning people some people are night owls when I  was in high school I  was a morning person I got up at 5.45 am everyday then I hit college not so much and it was like this for years I was night owl all throughout my retail years I would rather work and an evening than a morning .Then I started in care and getting up at 6.30 am everyday so I thought share with you so tips for being more of a morning person.

My biggest tip for you is routine get yourself in some sort of  certain things you do the night before routine. being busy busy and then trying to hit the zzz.

Wake up at the same time everyday even when I am off work on the sick I am still awake by eight o'clock because I have got my self into that routine . If you sleep in especially once you have got yourself in to a routine you will find you will feel worse when u wake up because your body isnt used to it.  so set your alarm and dont press snooze when it goes off .

If you do not have be somewhere on a some days but you are up earlier than normal make the most of this time . I woke up at half 5 the other morning having fallen asleep half 8 but I made the most of the time I scheduled posts replied to emails paid bills . You can then make the most of you day I know when i full time especially my days off used get filled with stuff i couldn't get done during the week. so i just ended  up with days off  full errands and not time I what  wanted do.

Bottom line here is make mornings enjoyable if you can then it would like are chore or an effort it will be some thing you look forward to . Whether its for you to get that bit of extra time to do something like sit and have cuppa or just have half an hour of me time before work . Any there my tips hope this helps you night owls .

Are you a morning person ?
Bye Guys 

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