03 March 2016

Whats In My Bag !!

Hey all this is something I would normally film this but I thought it would make a nice blog post so here we go !

My bag is fairly small it's a paul costelloe bag I got it in tkmaxx for £40 when normally it was be a £180 bargain !!When I show you whats in this you will probably wonder how it all fit it but having a small bag stop me carrying the kitchen sink round with me .

So first up I have my ted baker purse I am have had this about a year and half it was a present to myself when I passed my driving test . I have to say it has wore beautifully the leather is soft and supple and it hasn't a scratch on it . I then have sunglasses (primark ) and case(poundland)  these are normally in my car but I need them the other day so shoved them in bag . I also have my car key essential with my 21 key ring on it . Some travalos with three of favourite perfumes jimmy choo, jadore and beautiful and lipstick I didnt even I know had in there . Some mini nail files and thats about it  I always keep my phone in pocket as I don't hear it in my bag . How you enjoyed a noisy in bag

What's in yours ? 

Bye guys 

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