11 April 2016

Health Update /Spoons

Hey all as I lay in quite a lot of pain  am not gonna lie  reading through the many support groups i am in on facebook i realised its been while since i updated you about my situation .

So i am been off work pretty much since the middle of january bar a week since then I have been at physio and the pain clinic . As normal everyone says there's nothing we can do just get on with life most of it is in your head as you have become over sensitive to the pain excuse my language here but bollocks ! Do they think that I don't wish /want to live a normal life of 21 year old do they not that everyday I get up and get out bed with great plans for my day till pain strikes me and blows them up in smoke .Then tonight I came across something when I was read 16 things people with chronic pain want you to know link that came across an article about the spoon theory link here .

This made me look at everything in different way as I was reading this I could totally relate to it but had never thought about in this way . I just pushed and pushed myself until burnt myself out  but always thought why I am in pain I haven't done that much until I read this article and it all come together for me all the "spoons" i was using and it all made so much more sense . I am never not going to have degenerative disc disease ,bulging discs and slipped discs so I need to plan my days out better . I need accept the fact that maybe going back to work is not an option as much as that sentence bring tears to my eyes . But maybe that and daily living is just too many "spoons" to get what i am on about you really need read this article and this one too as this was really eye opening to about balancing your daily "spoons" .  I know this isnt my usual kind of post but i feel this important to share as this might help  some one else out there in this position .

bye guys

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