07 May 2016

Guest Post :Spring Summer Fashion Trends to Follow

Hey guys I have another guess post for you from peter minkoff I love the way he writes and it always a pleasure to have him post on my blog .  You can find more of peter's work on the high life .

Spring is almost over and summer is just around the corner, and by now you should probably know all the trends by heart, but hey, nobody has time for that – especially if that means going through thousands of abstract fashion trends in order to get to the actually wearable ones. Do not worry though, there is still time to get a grip of the best spring/summer trends and wear them just in time. We will help you by presenting you our favorite ones, and you can take it from there.
White Shirt
A classic buttoned down white shirt was earlier a part of male’s clothing, but later was “stolen” by women and improved significantly. This evergreen of impeccable stylishness has reached its Renaissance, when the designers such as Vera Wang and Anthony Vaccarello gave their original twists to the classic shirt. This spring/summer, we will be wearing white dress-shirt, oddly shaped white shirts, skin-showers, etc. Discover the twist you like the most and rock it.

Photo by theoryofgaia.com
Is it just us or the ‘70s were the most fashionable decade ever? Now, suede is one trend that designers just cannot get enough of, but neither can we. Although it was a huge hit the last year, the suede-craze still last with the same intensity. Wear it with skirts, dresses, swimsuits, shirts, etc. Rock suede-patchworks or combine it with fringes for the ultimate hippy look. You can also sport suede accessories, like bags, bracelets, etc.
Pajama Party
Have you ever felt like you wanted to go out, but you simply did not feel like getting out of your pajama? Well, this year is yours! The designers have showed us that everything from floral satins to star-spangled silks can be worn on the street. So, find an elegant pj and go partying without I-hate-getting-dressed fuss.
Lingerie Inspired

Photo by laiamagazine.com
Continuing with the sleep-over trends, we have lingerie inspired pieces. The ‘90s love – slip dress is making a huge comeback, elevated with pieces of lace and graphic color play. Almost every designer in the fashion realm showed us that this is a wearable trend, from Balenciaga to Saint Laurent. Just slip on your silky dress and go out to conquer the world.
Do you smell the scent of spring in Barcelona, because we sure do? Quite often the designers draw their inspiration from some features European clothes, and this season that Euro-inspiration is found in Spain. Of-the-shoulder dresses are a true hit of the season, but if you really want to rock this trend than opt for bright red and flamenco ruffles combo.
Better with Leather

Photo by sienablu.com
Just like women stole men’s white shirt and then wore it better, they have improved men’s accessories and elevated them with elegance and style. Never before big bags inspired by men’s fashion looked so good. This spring and summer, all you need is to stock up on highquality leather goods, like bracelets, necklaces, wallets, travel bags, slouchy bags, clutches, backpacks, etc.
Make a Statement
Accessories should tell a story and make a statement. This year, there are no better tools for that than statement chokers. On Lanvin and J.W. Anderson we have seen how a simple monochromatic piece of clothing can be brightened up with one statement necklace. You can wear it in the ‘90s spirit with a velvet string and a pendant, like chain links, etc. The possibilities are limitless.
Eyes on the Hair

Photo by vogue.com
This season all eyes will be on your hair, with the fantastic trend of hair accessories. The best thing about it is that there is a hair accessory for anyone – from conspicuous floral crown to the humble Alice-band. Some things you can try out are enamel hair clip, the ponytail ribbon, on-the-side floral pin, a tiara, double hair-band, and a headscarf.

Something For The Boys

Photo by lifestyleasia.com

Some of the best menswear trends for spring summer 2016 are edgy, feminine - inspired yet manly. This season, beside the regular military inspired fashion trend, we will be seeing men in many fabulous lace pieces. Yes! Men will be rocking lace details on their shirts, suits, shorts and many more. Just like in womenswear, styling your outfit is everything - so style your military inspired custom shirt with some trendy-yet classic cut shorts (detailed with lace hems) for achieving a perfect spring summer look!

It is obvious that spring/summer fashion loves you girls, so return the favor and wear these fabulous trends. 

bye guys 

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