20 June 2016

Current Favourite Lip Combo !

Hello , I have another makeup post for you today on my favourite lip combo at the moment .  I know two within a week of each other really spoiling you ! No I am trying to get back into the blog any way let crack on !

So this a mixture of colours but it is very spring summer appropriate and would like great with a tan or if your still pale like me ! So it mix of pinks and corals as you will see from the swatch below .

So I have eastend snob lip liner all over my lips I wear lip liner under most things because I don't have a very defined lips so this really help give my lips shape and definition. Over the top of that I have the rimmel kate moss in shade 38 which on me is a pinky coral . Then over the top I have younique lip gloss in the shade loveable this just gives your lips dimension I find . So this is a short but sweet post Hope you enjoyed !

What's your favourite summer lip combo ?

bye guys 

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