13 June 2016

P.s love highlighter crayon

Hello, today I am back with a product review yes I am going talk makeup its been a while I know so let crack on .

So this is from the p.s love range by primark I picked this up a while ago but it got buried in all my other makeup and I haven't got round to using it till now . So it is a highlighter crayon these can be very useful for highlighting your inner corners , cupids and brow bone  So is it any good I hear  you ask ? 

Well to be honest it ok it the not the worst its not the best ! I think the thing that lets this product down is the  texture . Let me explain it has a very stiff chalky texture which makes it very hard to bend out and nobody wants to see just a line of white somewhere on there face now do they  ?

I have been using this on my brow bone to highlight my arch but I have found i have had to use just little bit of concealer just to bend the edges and make it look more natural . The colour of the crayon is great a nice pearlescent champagne type colour . It just the blending factor that lets it down I think you would have use this before your foundation sets so the creaminess of the foundation helps to blend it. So those our my thoughts great product just doesn't blend well but the price it's better than you think I think was around £2 but dont qoute on me it been a long time since I purchased it .

Have you tried this did you find the some problem?  

bye guys 

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