08 August 2016

Yankee Candle Scenterpiece

Hello , As some of my long standing followers will know I love candles and wax tarts so today I am here to tell you thoughts on the new yankee candle Scenterpiece .

This was something I was looking into to buying for myself when my friend went and brought me one for looking after her pets while she was away. The one I have is called the rosa from research these burners are about £27.99 and the melt cups £4.99 . So is it worth it ?

I would say so it takes 20 minutes for the whole cup to melt and in my opinion the scent is far stronger than your normal wax tart . Once the cup has completely cooled you can take it out and change scents with ease . Before buying a second one I did remove the wax tart out the melt cup and put normal wax tart in this worked well. However I did have problem getting it out again  so this maybe good use once you have used up all the original cup and are left with an empty cup .

Now the cups say that they have a 24 hour burn time but if you're like me and always have one burning they I would say you will definitely benefit from this as a normal wax tart has burn time of just 8 hours so your getting 3 times the burn time with the melt cups.

I currently have 2 melt cups on in lemon and lavender and all time favourite and one in a regular lemon scent which i am yet to burn .All in all I think if your candle /wax tart addict like me then is right up your street .So easy lots of burn time plus its an electric burner so no fear of anything catching fire like with the traditional tart burner with there tea lights. Its a winner in my book !

I would love  to know your those if you have one these !

bye guys

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