28 November 2016

Guest Post:5 Style Tips For Curvy Girl’s Formal Outfits

Hello back today with guest post from peter minkoff he have guest posted on here before and always writes amazing pieces so enjoy he also write on the the high style life if you want to read more .

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Want to look great and elegant for a formal occasion? Well, you already know that your curves are absolute love, but if you pick out the right clothing style and effective garments for your figure, you’re bound to look like a star. Of course, regardless of what your body shape is, you should always follow your own fashion sense. In the end, there’s no point of dressing up if you’re not going to feel good and comfortable in the outfit you’re wearing. Looking confident in your attire is the first step to well-chosen formal wear.

Go classic

If you personally don’t fancy skirts and dresses a lot and these are simply not your style, you can still pull off the formal look and accentuate your curves best with classic pants and a flattering shirt. Skinny pants are not very formal so make sure to go with straight-cut, high-waisted pants. Pair these with a loose shirt of light material and a blazer, and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous. You can personalize things a little bit if you add a brooch to the blazer, or go with intricate print in your shirt.

Retro skirts

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Retro pencil skirts are all the rage right now. They follow the lines of the body perfectly and since they are also high-waisted, they offer good support in this area. When choosing your perfect retro skirt, make sure to go with one that ends in the middle of your calves or just below the knees. Shorter skirts won’t really fit into a formal category while really long skirts in this particular style can unflatteringly shorten your figure. Once you pick your perfect skirt, you can style it some trendy patterned stockings.

Pick the right dress

With so many options to choose from on the market, finding that one perfect dress can get a bit overwhelming. At the same time, plus size fashion dresses are available in so many different cuts and styles nowadays, which will allow you to try different ones stress-free. If you’re unsure where to start, check out wrap dresses with V-necks because these look gorgeous on a curvier figure. On the other hand, if you really want to accentuate your curves, try bodycon dresses. Of course, since you need a dress for a formal occasion, pay attention that there’s not much cleavage showing.

How to wear a blazer

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Most formal outfits involve some kind of blazer or cardigan for good layering. So, if you want to rock this look, make sure to never button your blazers or fitted jackets. If these are tight, buttoning them up would only make you feel uncomfortable, which will translate to your whole posture, it’ll minimize the effect that a loose shirt underneath can give you as well as lose on formality a bit. Still, if you want to get that fitted look without looking too casual, go for blazers with only one button. Make sure to keep these open, and use a silk scarf to create balance if you find it necessary.

Careful with shoes

There’s no better way to lift up your whole figure and make things more elegant than by rocking some nice heels. Still, curvy ladies should stay away from really delicate designs with extremely thin heels and straps because these can disturb the overall balance of the outfit and general appearance. And honestly, these are not very formal either. Instead, opt for stiletto shoes or shoes that have a bit fuller straps and sturdier heels.

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In the end, wearing all black and white creates an impression of formal attire. If you like these colors, that’s great, but it’s important to mention that other colors such as deeper shades of red, blue and green also look very elegant and flatter a curvier figure perfectly.

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