05 December 2018

suprise ! and OOTD

Hello ladies and gents yes I am still here after two years away from my little slice of the internet.

The reason it has taken so long in truth is because life went crazy my laptop died which the original reason for the gap but then I went back to work, I moved in with my partner and now here we are I am back off work with my back  .So here's the plan I am going to post on her once a week on a Wednesday at noon it may turn to twice but let just see how we go,  because in general that is when all my post have gone up on here . So while I am here I will share with you my outfit for today and we all know its Autumn winter now because I have pulled out the jumpers and coats two staples at this time of year in any wardrobe . Excuse the mess and the fact I desperately need to clean the mirror this is real life guys no one is perfect.

So I am wearing a grey cable knit jumper I brought in primark a couple of years ago but I am sure you can find one similar its quite a basic piece .My new look blue coat  that again I brought I think about 3 years ago but its a really good piece to have in your wardrobe  . My next blue skinnies which I can link and you should try these jeans there so comfy . On my feet I have my  boohoo boots which I am obsessed with(link) i got them about year ago and i haven't had them off my feet since when it comes to autumn winter time .

bye guys 

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