25 September 2019

Getting The Perfect Blow Dry

Hello everyone I am back today with a hair post I am all about hair since going blonde I now have take more care of my hair.

1. Use heat protect spray this goes with any heated hair tool  but there are loads of heat protect spray that especially for blow drying I use the Toni and guy heat mist .

2. Make sure you use the diffuse nozzle that comes with your hairdryer this will help direct  the air and reduce frizz .

3. Make sure you are blowing drying your hair downwards so from root to tip blowing up wards opens up hair cuticles and cause frizz so this important to get that frizz free blow dry .

4. This goes in general but use a good brush I find for blow drying brush i find a paddle brush is best .I use the tangle teaser blow dry brush but you can also use a round brush this does take more practice though .

5.Use a serum on your hair this help with frizz but also fly away if you still have flyways after blow drying then spray some hair spray on the palm of your hand  and smooth your hand over the fly aways .

Hope this is helpful I get so many people asking how I get my hair to blow dry so straight so thought it was worth doing a post on .

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