30 September 2019

life update

Hi all here with a bit of life update which also explain why I reappeared then disappeared again but I am back I promise  every Monday and Wednesday there will be a post .

So this is what has happened since my last update we have found a house which happened quicker than expected and everything kind of hit at once . Then it was my birthday so we went away to the lakes . Normally that would be that but my partner then proposed so that was a weekend of celebrations and surprises. So for those of you interested yes I did have feeling he might propose and he proposed by lake winder mere on my actual birthday but I didn't mind because I am not fan of my birthday so now I have a reason to like it .

So I have been back to pain clinic and I have decided not to have another epidural because  it made things worse not better . So I have asked to be refereed for pain management programme in the mean time I have started doing yoga once a week. I have only been going few weeks so not sure if it helping just yet but I will try any thing once.

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