23 September 2019

Moving Out Essentials

Hi So I missed nearly two months as we were busy with life to be honest so much had happened . My head has only just stopped spinning it all happened that fast update coming soon . I thought I would write this post because when I moved out I had no idea what I would need plus with lost off to uni or maybe already at uni I thought this might useful you  so these I would say are my top essentials.

1. Slow cooker -Weather you are just moving in to a dorm or you are working and moving you are going to need this . If you are busy and then come in you are not going to want to cook .Get a slower cooker put your meal in morning or the night before so all you have is turn it on. Trust me you will thank me for this .

2. A cordless hoover - I don't mean a gtech there are loads of options they are great for flats or dorms as they are light easy to store and you can get affordable options now on amazon and other stores.

3. Tumble dryer - This one is not  really for students but if you are moving out to your first flat get a dryer I know people say it cost you a fortune but I honest haven't seen different in are electric bill since we have had  one. So easy and stops washing being hung everywhere looking untidy and leaving that damp smell.

4. Counter top dishwasher - You are so busy if you are moving in to your first flat invest even if you are moving in with partner. If you can invest check Facebook for a more affordable option do not assume the person you are moving will do the pots or be a tidy as you.

5. Air/health fry - We have a deep fat fryer but to be honest it was dangerous and a lot of faff changing oil and such .So I got an air fryer from aldi and it great has a timer so no fear of it being left on  and  you  can cook a lot more stuff in it than a deep fat fryer we do burgers in ours .

So those are must haves for moving out honestly between the slow cooker and air fryer we very rarely use are oven . Hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you for another post on Wednesday.

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