07 October 2019

Book Review : The Couple Next Door

I am back today with a bit of different post a book review I was always a book worm as a teenager and as I grew up  just didn't get time but it is something I have recently got back in . So this a review of the couple next door .

This book is all about a couple who go to a dinner party at the next door neighbours house and leave there baby alone as the baby sitter cancels. They take the baby monitor with them and they check on her every half and hour . When they return home they find there baby has gone from her crib . 

It took me four days to read this book I couldn't put it down it me gripped from the moment I picked it up. It has so many twists every time I thought I had figured out what happened I would find out something else and be like ok maybe not . With out giving anything away all i will say it is all comes together in the end in way so my theories  I had through out the book .

I would highly recommend it to any one it has some amazing characters and story line. It is amazing as I say every time I thought I thought I knew it the twist which made me rethink. I think husband marco is my favourite character by far . I cant wait to read more books by this author.

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