14 October 2019

Tips for weighted hula hooping

I have a fitness post for you today  back in February this year I started using a weighted hula hoop to help be tone and define my waist this seem to be quite a thing at the moment .So I thought I would post some tips that have helped me during my journey .

 1. Find the right weight hoop for you as you get better you can always increase the weight but my hoop is 1.4kg hoop

2. Start slowly don't get hoop an try and do 10 mins a day because this how you end up hurting your self and will get some cracking bruises . Start with 2-3 mins each side and then increase it slowly so 2-3 mins week 1 the 5 mins week 2 etc . If read any description on weighted hoops most  actually advise you do this .

3. To get started but one foot in font of the other and gently swing the hoop the direction of the foot you have forward gently rocking your hips back and forward as you get better you will be able to but you feet together .

4. Keep the hoop at steady pace there is no point trying to wack it round as fast you can because you are more likely to loose control and drop it . If you keep it as nice pace you will be keep up with it and keep control

5. Make sure you have enough space to hoop in .My hoop is quite big but I struggle with a smaller hoop so make sure you have room so your not knocking things brilliant in the garden in the summer but i use are loft as we don't have a garden yet .

Those are my top tips for hooping it is a really good workout and easy to fit in your day. I got my hoop off Facebook but you can get then in argos and amazon my sister got hers in a charity shop so there are loads of options out there.

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